Welcome to Our Peaceful Paradise!

 We are pleased you are choosing OUR beach home for your vacation. We know you must be ready to relax and start your vacation, and we want you to make yourself at home right way.  We just ask our guests to go through the condo and report any dissatisfaction within the first 24 hours.  Please report any issues when they happen so they can be addressed right away, even if it is a blown out light bulb.  

Cathy Nordstrom can be reached at 901-482-4888

Jon Nordstrom can be reached at 901-786-4670 

Another quick note, we do want you to know this is NOT just a rental of ours it is our home as well.  I’d like to ask you the favor of respecting our rules and take care of it as if it were your own. Most likely we are also sharing our condo with some folks like you just after you leave.  If a mess occurs during your stay, please be considerate and use the cleaning tools (vacuum & broom) in the small hall closet near the washer and dryer to clean up.  Our condo sleeps 8 in beds.  We also have a port-a-crib for a young one. We purposely do not supply extra linens.  Our sofas are for visiting and lounging, not overnight sleeping. NO ADDITIONIAL BEDS OR AIR MATTRESSES ARE PERMITTED.  Also, PLEASE be thoughtful when coming back from the pool or beach to not soil the furniture with swimsuits or suntan lotion.  We don’t have the ability to deep clean the furniture in-between guests.  We want every guest to have a clean, comfortable experience when staying with us. You will find a binder with information about the condo and resort community on the coffee table.  Should you have any questions during your stay, feel free to contact us at the numbers above. 

We hope you greatly enjoy the sun, sand, food and beauty of Santa Rosa Beach!

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,

Jon and Cathy Nordstrom