Upon Arrival


PLEASE WALK THROUGH your vacation home and check to make sure it has been cleaned to  your satisfaction, and everything is in working order. It is important that you call Karen  (215-896-7880) if you think there is a problem. 


Please be conservative when using the air conditioner. Keep the thermostat at auto 70-75  degrees. Please keep widows and doors closed. Leave all ceiling fans running, if you wish. 


The refrigerator and freezer must be left on #5 MEDIUM setting. Raising the setting too high,  will put the unit under stress. This will cause the refrigerator to go into a defrost cycle,  completely shut off, seizing the compressor. Please allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach  desired temperature after loading groceries. Don’t load the sodas all at once, give the frige a  chance to start doing its job. 


Please check to make sure the arm is in the down position. 


PLEASE REPORT ANY DAMAGES, I ask my guests to help keep both of my homes in good  condition by reporting any damages or problems. Thank you for your assistance! 


There will be a key pad to open the front door, you will be assigned a number for entry. There will be a key in a lock box under the carport for emergency use. Please call Karen if you  have any trouble opening the door. 


Fireworks are not permitted on the property! ALL FIREWORKS ARE PROHIBITED IN DUCK. 


Dogs are not allowed in either one of my homes, this will cause immediate eviction. 


Do not move or attempt to use the outdoor grill on decks, porches or near wooded areas.  Please be sure to lightly clean the grill after use and put your charcoals in the can provided. 


From time to time, it may be necessary for us to enter the vacation home during reasonable  hours, for any purpose connected with a repair, care or management of the property. If this  happens, we will make every effort not to disrupt you vacation. Please notify me of any difficulty  you incur during your stay. I will make sure all issues are taken care of promptly and efficiently. The guest will receive a phone call from Karen, prior to anyone entering the home for repair. 


MONDAY & FRIDAY…Place cans at the end of the driveway, the night before, with the opening  facing the road. Sunday night and Thursday night is the best time for trash cans to be taken  out. They come very early, and will miss your trash pick-up if not put out the night before.