Peaceful Paradise

Checkout Policy

We hope you have enjoyed your stay at our beach condo.  Please note that check-out time is at 10am on the designated date of checkout.  


UNIT DOOR CODE does have a clock mechanism.

Please be aware that the UNIT CODE will EXPIRE at 10am, Check-out time.


Before you leave, we just ask a couple of favors to help our housekeeper prepare for our next guests who may arrive later today.


  • Please take all trash, including bathroom trash bags, out to the trash chute located right turn out the front door, trash chute door on the left.
  • Please load all dishes (no pans) into the dishwasher and run it on the normal cycle.
  • Place any soiled towels on towel bars or hooks in the bathrooms.
  • Beds can be left unmade.
  • Please turn the heat down to 60º F in the winter, and please turn the A/C up to 77º F in the summer when leaving.
  • Please close all windows, patio doors and close the front door on your way out.

We hope you have a safe journey home and visit us again in the future.


Thank you for staying with us,


Jon and Cathy Nordstrom